Hi, I'm John Corr - Investor + Business MentoR

I help CEOs and owners when you feel you need a ‘Hail Mary’ pass to rescue your situation. Particularly when you have paid a fortune for a top strategy or accounting firm. That failed to perform and deliver what you need.

If you are curious to see if I can help you, you can book a 25 minute consult to see if I am smoking dope or might be the real deal?
ZERO FEES for the initial consult.

A typical next step is then to invest $25k on a half-day workshop with you. We then agree a long-term strategy, high-level plan and immediate next steps together.

T: +44 20 3637 5501 A: 199 Bishopsgate LONDON EC2M 3TY E:hello@johncorr.com
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