Your most VALUABLE ASSET is your TIME.. and unlike every other asset it’s IRREPLACEABLE.

Start to think about your TIME like an ENTREPRENEUR who owns a very expensive piece of Capital Equipment that they can lease at various prices. Perry Marshall in his ’80/ 20 Sales & Marketing’ book (on Amazon & Kindle) splits your time as a business owner into 4 categories:

  • $10 per hour work
  • $100 per hour work
  • $1,000 per hour work
  • $10,000 per hour work

There are hundred times more opportunities to do $10 per hour work than $1,000 per hour work!

Examples of $10 per hour tasks:

  • Running errands
  • Any kind of COOLD CALLING
  • Cleaning, sorting
  • Building websites

Examples of $10,000 per hour tasks

  • Improving your USP
  • Creating new and better offers
  • Repositioning your message and position

Perry rates improving your Sales Process (funnel) as a $1,000 per hour task, I suspect if you are just starting that’s a $10,000+ task!

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